Fore Abbey

Fore Benedictine Abbey, County Westmeath.

Founded by St. Feichin around 630.

In the 13th century Hugh de Lacy the Norman Lord of Meath built a Bendictine priory at Fore.

Many of the buildings that remain today are from the 15th century.

The seven wonders of Fore:

The monastery built upon the bog.

The mill without a race - there was no water to drive the mill so St. Fechin hit the ground with is crozier and water gushed out.

The water that flows uphill - the underground flow of water appears to flow uphill to the Mill.

The tree that won’t burn - an ash tree that once grew near the abbey with three branches representing the trinity which wouldn't burn.

The water that doesn’t boil - the water in St. Fechin's well.

The anchorite in a cell - the hermits who occupied the anchorite's cell.

The lintel-stone raised by St. Fechin’s prayers - the lintel stone above the doorway of St. Fechin's church.

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