Hill of Skryne

The Hill of Skryne (Skreen) is a short distance east of the Hill of Tara. In 875 the shrine and relics of St. Colmcille were brought for safe keeping to a monastery at the Hill of Skryne. the name Skreen derives from Scrin Choluim Chille – Colmcille's shrine. The present church and tower dates from the 15th century, the tower can be seen from the Hill of Slane.

To the north east of the church is a late medieval stone cross with a crucifixion carved on its west face.

In the 12th century, Hugh de Lacy granted the Barony of Skryne to his finest knight, Adam de Feipo.

O'Connell's pub on the Hill of Skryne features in the Guinness Christmas Television advertisement.

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