Kells or Ceanannas Mór in Irish meaning 'Great Fort' was a Celtic Royal residence before St. Columcille founded a monastery in the 6th Century. The monks from his community on the island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland moved to Kells in the 9th century to escape savage Viking raids. The Iona monks brought with them the now famous Book of Kells which may have been completed in Kells.

Spire of Lloyd

Inland lighthouse folly build in 1791 by the local landlord from Headfort House, Thomas Taylor, in memory of his father (also Thomas Taylor). The Spire stands 30 meters (100ft).

The Market Cross

Eastern face:
• Four horsemen carring swords and shields (Base)
• Christ in the Sepulchre: the Resurrection
• Christ as King of Glory
• The Fall of Man, the Death of Abel
• The Anointing of David (Head - below centre)
• Dniel in the Den of Lions (Head - centre)
• The sacrifice of Isaac (Left Arm)

Western face:
• Noah driving the animals into the ark (Base).
• The Miricle at Cana
• The Mircale of the Loaves and Fishes
• The Crucifixion (Head - centre)

South Cross (at Round Tower)

Eastern face:
• Noah driving the animals into the Ark (Base)
• The Fall of Man, the Death of Abel
• The Holy Children in the Furnace
• Daniel in the Den of Lions
• The Sacfrice of Isaac (Left Arm)
• Saints Paul and Anthony in the Desert (Right Arm)
• The Miracel of the Loaves and Fishes (Top Shaft)

Western face:
• Two horsemen ride before a chariot (Base).
• The Crucifixion
• Christ in Majesty with symbols of the four Evangelists

West Cross (Broken)

Facing Church:
• Baptism of Christ
• Miracle at Cana
• Presentation in the Temple
• David Harpist

• Entry into Jerusalum

Facing wall:
• Adam and Eve
• Noah's Ark

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